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Welcome to Addis Ababa Angels Network

Addis Ababa Angels Network is a group of individual investors whose aim is to promote economic development and sustainability in Ethiopia. They strongly believe in the transformational capacity of a strong startup ecosystem on the Ethiopian economy. Hence, the members have come together to draw on their experiences and consolidate their financial resources to back early-stage technology, and tech-enabled innovative businesses.




Need an investment?

If you have an innovative idea for a product or service and just need early-stage funding to launch it, then we may be the answer. The Addis Ababa Angels Network offers you an equity investment, mentorship, and our diverse expertise to launch and grow your business.




Looking to Invest?

The Addis Ababa Angels Network invites investors to get involved with economic sustainability from the ground level. There are many ways to get involved, such as, investing, being a community partner, being a funding partner, or being a business associate who can help provide essential expertise to early-stage startups with seed capital, guidance, and much needed support.

We’re looking for the best!

If you have a tech-enabled, repeatable, and scalable business model; if you are fully aware of who your best customers are; if you have completed your MVP; if you have the right mix of commitment and attitude to accomplish the next big thing, then we would like to talk to you.


Do you have the entrepreneur spirit?

One of the most important traits of an entrepreneur is self-motivation. As an entrepreneur, you need to know what you offer, and how it fits into the market. You have to be able to take risks and you have to know how to network with people. Knowledge and skills in money management, being flexible and passionate are vital characters to uphold as entrepreneurs.


Have you proven the Product/Market fit?

Your product/service needs to address a real problem or need. You have to make sure that you are fully aware of who your customers are, and that you have validated your business model.


Can you go against the grain?

We are looking for someone who’s able to cut through the noise; and someone who sees connections where others cannot. You have to be fearless, visionary, and focused.

Startup Criteria

Startup business must be technology enabled

  • The product/service must be a solution to a big problem with the potential to scale and impact the lives of citizens
  • The end-user product must be tech-based, or have technology as a core element for the growth of the business

Must have a minimum of 2 co-founders in the team

  • Team members must bring complementary skills
  • Members must clearly understand their strength and gaps
  • Founders must appreciate the value that Angels bring beyond money

If Pre-Money (no revenue), startups must have a:

  • Product/market fit
  • Completed and tested MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • List of engaged customers (non-paying)
  • The investment request and expendature details (run rate for a specific period)

If Post-Money (generating revenue), startups must be able to:

  • Show a validated business model
  • Build a clear strategy for building traction and scaling up
  • Articulate key business metrics
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Churn rate
  • Return on Advertising Spending (ROAS)
  • Margin

Angel Investors

Shem Asefaw

Founder of Addis Ababa Angels Netwok and a Partner At blueMoon.

Addis Alemayehou

Chairman at Kazana Group

Henok Assefa

Founder at Precise Consult

Adam Abate

CEO at Paga Ethiopia

Joseph Kibur

Founder and CEO at Yaya Investment

Levi Girma

Co-founder at Nest Ventures

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